A Little About The Endler Shop & Me

Although I’ve been a tropical fish hobbyist for more than 30 years, when I happened across these amazing little fish several years ago, they were quite unlike anything I’d seen before. The Endlers’ colors were so vibrant, that the fish almost glowed like a neon light. And the Endlers were so active and interesting to watch and had such playful personalities that within a few minutes they had me “hooked.” Needless to say, I brought some home that day, which was stroke of luck. Because Endlers are still relatively rare in the hobby, that was the one and only time I saw them in any of the local shops.


Soon after acquiring this first group of Endlers, and after much research, I decided to help ensure the original ELB genetics was kept intact since the fish's native habitat is highly threatened and by most accounts Endlers are no longer found there. To this end, I purchased Registered N Class Pure-Strain Endlers and began my own breeding colony. With a handful of other registered N Class Pure-Strain breeders in the USA, I hope to help ensure we don’t lose the unique characteristics of these stunning little fish.


The Ender Shop was created as a place to share my knowledge and experience and to make it a bit easier for both the everyday hobbyist and new Endlers enthusiasts to get some of these great (but still a bit hard to find) little fish. I especially wanted to encourage new enthusiasts to keep Pure-Strain ELBs by providing easy access to quality documented N Class fish and providing solid information in a one stop authoritative on-line presence.


My goal is that this site helps answer most questions right up front, provides detailed and insightful information about the fish, allows for an easy & informed purchasing process, and generally results in a streamlined & overall great experience.


Although the site is fairly complete, I continue to make updates and add improvements where possible. I welcome questions, comments, suggestions and feedback. So, to some extent the site is an ongoing work in progress.


A little about another one of my hobbies:

I'm also a poison dart frog enthusiast along with the related hobby of building naturalistic environments (vivariums) for them. I'm the moderator of The Naturalistic Vivarium, a group which is devoted to this. Feel free to check it out.


Thank you for stopping by.





"A fish is the movement of water embodied and given shape."

                 Doris Lessing

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